Friday, February 7, 2014


The urban dictionary defines Tranarchy as "Transgender Anarchy: A sociopolitical movement combining aspects of radical queer politics and anarchy."

This was really the only definition of Tranarchy I was able to find. The problem is that Tranarchy is so much more than this vague "radical queer politics". Tranarchy is rooted in feminism and Anarcho-syndicalism including the recognizing that gender based oppression governs capitalism. Capitalism is the patriarchy, the oligarchy. In order to destroy the patriarchy we must destroy: gender, class, ability, race... All concepts that are created to serve inequities. As feminism sought to destroy the patriarchy through women's liberation; tranarchism destroys the patriarchy by destroying gender.

This said there are some Trans Folks who strongly identify with a gender and might totally disagree with my personal analysis of what Tranarchism means. And this is valid. This is the right we all have to have our own impression of the world we live in and have our reality seen as valid and that validity doesn't need to be tied into anyone else's validity. Thus enters deconstructionism which I see as a guiding philosophy of "radical queer politics"...

It would be easier to identify the methods of "radical queer politics" more than the ideological structure and epistemology. The non-anarchistic contingent might believe in neo-liberalism. Poly/Open relationships, open mindedness, subarus, localvore, probably also vegetarian or vegan or at least eats health, likes hiking and nature, tries to make decisions that are good for the environment, probably rides a bike or the bus and lives in a hip metro area. drinks kombucha, has a pitbull or other medium sized dog or two cats. Volunteers maybe at a DV or homeless shelter. So yeah, I am down with all that. But where does this come from, what guides these believe systems. What is the etiology?

and how is it different from queer anarchism? what about Trans feminism?

It seems as though feminism has some roots in post-structuralism and deconstructionism. and even references gender essentialism.

And Tranarchy is obviously attempting to set itself out from anarchy. If Transfeminism is to patriarchy then tranarchy would be to the Kyriarchy. Setting itself opposed to the manarchy that co-opts our revolution in another colonialistic attempt at cultural appropriation. Tranarchy follow in the roots of the anarchism's belief in for the people by the people. And thus we come from many cultures.

So iow, Tranarchy is destroying the patriarchal system of governance and replacing it with a system of governance that is egalitarian and lateral as well as focused on equity and chooses to focus on the platform of gender as a social construct.

Anyway, I am just rambling. I wonder what other folks think?

ps- yes I know that I am only linking to wikipedia and urban dictionary. I did it for convenience of use for people to whom these words might be new to.

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