Thursday, September 12, 2013

Those words that have no voice.

Those words that have no voice.

One starts with an N. I don't even know what it would sound like to say it. Sometimes I hear the voices of some of my favorite rappers say it as their rhymes replay in my head but even when I am singing along there is a mute button that hits. I never even realized I did this until I got into a discussion about it with this white guy where he tried to play that card. This word to me means strange fruit hanging from a tree. It means colonialization. It means pain and anger and so much more that I can't describe in words. Every time I hear that word from the lips of a white person, I hear the voice of white supremacy. I hear white people telling black people that they are still less than, still property. It is a word that has no voice, haters must give it a voice.

Its like faggot. A word I can give a voice. A voice that is different than the voice from the man in the car speeding by. I like the word faggot because it means I am a gender fucker, I fuck with gender. I can be butch as fuck and still be a total faggot at the same time. I think some would argue that anyone putting a positive spin to a word would be doing good but this is simply not true. Due to the power relations, anyone who isn't black using the n bomb can't change the voice of colonization. Same with anyone who is not a male homosexual using the word faggot.

Replace this with any word said in hate. Why would anyone use a hateful word that harms people? What right do they think they have? This is superiority. This is supremacy. This is the perpetuation of generations of colonization. People don't even realize they are perpetuating it. Allowing white supremacy, heterosexual supremacy, male supremacy, cis supremacy, able body supremacy, neurotypical supremacy, any supremacy to cause rifs between possible allies. to stop the masses from revolting. in order to have a revolution, we must stop fighting to control one another. We must check our egos at the door. We must leave our supremacy behind. Its not about being PC, its about giving a shit. wanting the world to be a better place. its about anarchism. its about living. colonialism is death. I choose life.

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