Monday, May 6, 2013

Day 14 pre-ramble:

I really like this piece. Last night I was drunk. I write good drunk & sober but sometimes the words get stuck & drinking unsticks them. It is sad but true. This piece was written totally sober! Woohoo!

Also, an addendum to yesterday,
I feel like I should talk about how much I love sluts and whores. & yes there is a difference. & yes I resonate with both identities even if I don't identify as either. No idk why, I always have. I mean to start, they are often better in bed. My first LTR was with a whore (his language, I'd probably say street prostitute but that's not really accurate either he didn't exactly work the one corner of our 2000 person town.) Anywho, I feel like this is important for some reason, although I am not sure why. I could go on but I already have those pieces written else where to share later on, once it's all done.

Addended addendum: Oh & the slut thing. I figured it out. The piece I pulled from. Part of the identity politics explored the nature of identity and coping mechanisms like promiscuity. It's something I want to explore more. In me, promiscuity is different. Being a mental person and an empath, I am satisfied having multi interpersonal relationships that are or are not or not currently or might be at some point sexual. I think this is why I want to write more about promiscuity. Ugh, I really dislike that word. Anywho...

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