Sunday, March 31, 2013

Social Justice Text Quotes

Readings for Diversity & SJ 
Meso- within communities or social institutions.

P3: It can be challenging to discover that skin color, accented speech, perceived gender or sexual orientation, or the presence or absence of a physical or mental disability are useless as indicators of talent, character, intelligence or morality.

P7: ...perfectly acceptable... To oppose initiatives that might change the power balance.
The truth is that the dominants do not really know the experience of the subordinates. In contrast the subordinates are very well informed about the dominants.

P8: The history of subordinate groups is filled with so-called troublemakers, yet their names are often unknown...

P20: like privilege, oppression results fron the social relationship between privileged & oppressed categories, which makes it possible for individuals to vary in their personal experience of being oppressed ("I've never been oppressed as a women"). This also means, however, that in order to have the experience of being oppressed, it is necessary to belong to an oppressed category. In other words, men cannot be oppressed for being men, just as whites cannot be oppressed as whites or heterosexuals as heterosexuals, because a group can be oppressed only if there exists another group with the power to oppress them.

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