Sunday, March 31, 2013

More random rants #trans*

Also, transgendered ?!? How can someone claim that 'these people' aren't offering a basic foundation of respect when they haven't ever been given respect in the first place? Are we suppose to be all 'oh thank you generous cis person for not killing me.' There is no dignity in this conversation. I have heard this trite shit so much. I am so tired of this radscum shit. The trans* community deals with people like this all the time and they smile and say thanks for telling me how you feel, would you like to hear some statistics on how many trans* folks are murdered each year? No?! Ok well have a nice day. Then day after day of this, yr finally like fucking die cis scum. Bc you are just done with all the fucking oppression, microagressions, denials, etc. it's like fuck you! 

Do you get to go to the bathroom without being afraid? Do you get to go swimming? Do you get to take showers at the gym? Do you have to worry about getting killed if you out yourself? Do you have to worry about being killed if you don't? Do you have to worry about being brutally raped & killed? Well yes probably the last one if you are a womyn but not as much as if you are trans*. I could go on and on about all the shit trans* people face but that report I posted above has legitimate numbers & if a person reads that report & still doesn't get why trans* folks are so mad then they are a psychopath. 

& to correct some of the statements made above. Bc  That definition of trans* is archaic. Biologically speak there is not a large difference between men and women. Sex is a gradient.

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