Monday, March 18, 2013

Hip hippocampus <- lolz autocorrect to good to change.

(Light) TW: Trauma, PTSD- Now I can't sleep. I am obsessing about how trauma affects the hippocampus, which basically a cell, a neuron. So it's a bunch of chemical processors & DNA that codes RNA. The RNA is then release into the body & does some task. Right? Still with me. So the hippocampus controls memory and learning. It is also part of the Limbic system which is basically the emotional system. So its part in the limbic system is to basically record emotional memories. PTSD & complex PTSD, trauma in general is an event or events/ situation so horrible your brain can't process it. I think a one time even depending on severity would not mutate DNA but I bet that multiple traumas could cause a mutation or change in transcription right. Like a survival mechanism that needs to be turned off. So then I guess the question is what do you need to do to get the hippocampus to stop writing that bad code.

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