Monday, October 29, 2012

from a lover who has lost love

if I promised to give you forever; would you give me this moment.
this eternal moment of now.

will you give me your arms around me
your breathe on my neck
will you tell me I am not crazy
that I am not alone

will you tell me that you dream of me
that you adore me
will you look into my eyes with love
will you look into my eyes with love

will you let me know that I am somebody
that I am valuable to you
will you work through it
it, everything,,
would you fix my wounded heart

will you see past my broken sharp edges
to the tender subtle pure innocent naive love
will you see me as humble
instead of lacking confidence?

can I wake up next to your face
and my stinky breath won't matter because 
you just want to stare at me
trying to realize I am real and 
that we get to share each other

will you want to take me out
so you can make everyone jealous
proud to have my hand in yours

do you want to find out what love means
cause I want you to show me

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