Tuesday, July 24, 2012

T induced puberty FAQ -clicks and safer anal sex

    • Some notes from conversations with a friend starting T:

      We were mostly talking about the increase in sexual appetite that happens when you are in the puberty phase...

      I use the word 
      Click (clit + dick) to describe the transmale cock ... & yes it will def get bigger. There is a surgery called a 
  • It basically cuts the skin that hold the clit from getting any larger. Some folks are into this bc it is less invasive than other surgeries but I have also heard that it reduces sensations and thus reduces sexual pleasure and it allows for one to get an erection...

    • As for not being in a relationship, I have actually heard from many people that it is good to not be in a relationship. pretty much all the folks I have spoken with who were, had a horrible time with their partners esp around wanting to explore their new bodies. many folks seem to break up after a partner transitions.

      You might also start getting more excited about anal stimulation. If you start experimenting remember that your anus does not produce its own lube so be liberal with adding lube. Also go slow with whatever you are experimenting with. And most importantly make sure it has a base so your anus does, ahem, suck it up. Also if you play with someone who was a operational biological (or maybe organic would be a better word) penis, doubly make sure you are using condoms and lube bc the anus is way more easy to transmit sti(s) with.

      On that note, fap fap fap your day away!

      Also, you might expect to be come more hungry in addition to the voice dropping, hair growing all over and your body getting more definition.

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