Monday, April 30, 2012


I have a throbbing pain

I need you
inside of me

deep inside.
I need to feel 
your skin 
against mine.
your breath
your lips
your heat
your heartbeat

in rhythm.
the blood flows
pounds through every cell

I need your 
In my veins

I need you 
to hold my demons down
and push deep inside
fill me up
and find me again

I need you 
to push me out
to make me scream 
and beg

I need 
to pull your hair
to leave teeth marks

I need you 
to struggle 
and ask for more

I need 
to reach deep inside of you
open you up
fill you up

I need you 
to scream fuck me harder 
and I can't take anymore 

I need 
to blur the line 
of where you start 
and I end
until it is unrecognizable.

I need 
to hear it from your mouth 
all the perverted things you want me to do to you

I need 
to hear you moan 
and beg 

I need 
to hear you tell me you want me
so I can deny you 

I need you 
to pleating with me
when you have no more
left to give

I need you
to become an animal

a tiger pacing its cage
patiently waiting its master
to give it its next meal

I need you

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