Sunday, April 15, 2012

my smell

my smell has changed.
i smell dirty. stale.
six feet under.
mixed with a raunchy smell
of masterbating too much.

i smell like a forest
moist with dew.
i probably need to take a shower.
but i don't care.
i like the way i smell.

i smell rich like iron ore.
strong, resilient.
i don't want to wash that smell away.
i like the smell of my own sex
as it permeates the room.
mixed with the smell of stale tobacco.
black tobacco smoked through a pipe.
& black strap molasses rum
sipped slowly or
mixed with black coffee.
& rich dark chocolate.

this is how i smell.
i don't want to wash it off.
my smell is the only thing rich about me.
dense. it speaks volumes.

hood up, earphones in.
baggy jeans.
i smell like the street.
i smell like where i have come from.
i smell like where i will always be.

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