Thursday, April 12, 2012

my existence is offensive

and what does one do when their very existence offends people.
when every moment is hidden in acting as the world tells you to.
to the point you have forgotten who you are.

and you stumble and fall.
you fall outside that line of how you are suppose to be.
then the sky falls on your head
crushing you.

and the fact that you are alone
completely alone permeates every ounce of your existence
and you realize maybe that is better.

you realize that maybe if you don't understand people
social interactions
that you should probably just avoid them
alienate yourself.
put yourself into a box. 
self locking so you cannot let yourself out.

and where are your friends during this.
avoiding you because it makes them uncomfortable.
they don't want to look at how wrong the world is.
because you get confused in this wrongness.
it doesn't make sense to you.
it can't make sense to you.

in order to be there for you
they would need to be able to see this wrongness.
and not see it as a bad thing when you don't get it.
instead they would help you navigate this fucked up world.
these people are rare.
and I leave you wondering if they need to be rare.

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