Tuesday, March 6, 2012


So many of you know I am obsessed with the number 23 and numbers in general as well as making new friends by randomly 'friending' people who look interesting on facebook. Sometimes that means I have interesting and sometimes frustrating conversations. But that seems to happen in life anyway at least on here I can turn it off. anyway this long prolog is to state that I have 2288 friends on here that means that if you take the 22 from the first part and add it to the total number 22 +2288 than I will have 2300 "friends". And I think something interesting will happen when I reach this number but it will be epic when I have 2323 friends. Maybe then I will actually be famous instead of just kind of famous famous or maybe I will be mainstream. Maybe I will be a sell-out. Maybe I already am. Maybe I am just a puppet, some sort of armature pretending to be a person. Maybe there is no such thing as an artist, performer, writer, scientist or if there is they don't actually exist as a person like other people do. they are something else. Maybe when I reach that magic number of 2300, I will have re-found myself. Maybe when I reach 2323, I will realize that I am you and you are me. 

...Or maybe I just haven't been sleeping.

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