Thursday, December 1, 2011

Street (text version)

The streets, always were, and always will be my home.
No matter how far I roam.
Latchkey kid learned about life the hard way.
I fell down the steps of responsibility during my education yah see.
There I found people much worse off than me.
But we held each other’s hands and roamed on to a new land.
This is the only thing I have known.
THIS is the only thing I have known.

In your privilege you look at me trying to fit into your stereotypes, I cannot be free. Then you laugh when I call myself street?!?!?
But I am 100 times more street than you will ever be.
I know I can survive anything because I have.
I have already survived stories that will give you nightmares/night terrors.

But tomorrow is another day and you and me will sit next to each other maintaining the illusion that we are equal.
We both know that we are not.
We both know how much more status, privilege you have so let us not pretend that we can be friends.
Lets’ not pretend that we think we are equal to each other.
We are not and probably will never be.

I will always be power with.
You will always be power to… dolling out power to those who beg for it.
I will not beg.
I will not bow.
I serve no one.
I am emancipated, free willed and rock solid.
I will stand here and be your punching bag,
just to show you how strong I am.
You attempt to destroy me day after day;
I will rebuild day after day.
I will rebuild my fortress, fortifying my walls with fucking sparkling stars and hearts with rainbows shooting out there ass.

It will run through your mind like a fucking memory.
It will wake you at night when you remember who you could be.
When you lie awake thinking about your loneliness, your sorrow.
Your abandon with life and my face with my fucked up teeth, self-cut hair and 2nd hand used clothes; I will be there with my big gnarly smile and my jolly laugh.
You will remember the smile lines around my eyes.
You will remember that I am you and you are me.
You will remember things aren’t always what they seem.
You will remember things can change it you can remember to be free.

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