Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Power is afraid of Bias

My teacher said “Power is afraid of bias.” I told my co-worker he said how so. I replied bias comes from the heart, from emotion so it will always side on the side of social justice. She also said that once you become aware of that power you don’t want it anymore. Power hurts people. If you are aware of this unless you are really mean then you don’t want to own something that hurts other people. It is pretty simple when it comes down to it. Power is afraid of bias. Power needs to assert itself. How does that relate to ethics? I said in class that I believed it was unethical to consider settlement anything but a last ditch effort because in the settlement process people go away with hurt feelings that are unresolved and they carry that with them. I believe these cause more unresolvable conflicts. This is why we must look at mutualism. The ‘power within’ model. Collaboration. Meeting both peoples needs. This is why this concept of influence of morals is so important. The concept of cultural relativism. Smashed together with some naming of emotions and their impact of behavior and you get sustainable conflict resolution.

On the other side we have this idea of animistic individualism. The individual needs taken precedence over the community needs. My understand is that all the sustainable cultures of the world have been mutuatlistic based. Consensus decision making and collectivism as opposed to hierarchical feast and famine model. For everyone to benefit, instead of only some. This is not a new radical concept; this is a tribal concept that has existed longer than any other societal organizational structure.

Another key points I really enjoyed was this idea of the mediator holding the process. More like a facilitator role than a decision maker role.

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