Friday, August 5, 2011


You and Me
are the intersection where self street, self street and self street meet.

is the wedding of forever and yesterday
their love child in the sunrise and sunset; moonrise and moonset; and stars that shoot and wishes from true hearts.

Lost in the space between you and me; me and you.

The constellation arise to tell us about the future that was yesterday.
It is all everything.
And today I make choices to walk away from people I love because they are toxic.
I choose love.
I choose my friends, they are and always will be my friends.
You might wager on a five but I wagered on a ten.
Not a moment did I doubt.
Conversations are simple and speak volumes about the world.

My body is a million puzzle pieces?
My identity is a choose your own adventure.
My sexuality is some assembly required.
My life is a fiction novel loosely based on reality.

You and me are an intersection.
crossing, merging, separating.
you are the sun; I am the horizon.
if you are the moon; I am the stars.

we are a crossroad.
we are a sunset.
we are a constellation.

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