Friday, August 5, 2011

perfect world

In our houses we dwell,
earth friendly
Our friends
everyone we see
we dance
in the eve
Plates full
of community
Food- healthy
fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains and beans
From soil
worked by hands
Under the sun
with all our love
Down by the stream
we make beats
as we grow the rice
and harvest the wheat
the children sleep
under a shady tree
roaming free
Clouds, air, water
no more toxicity
We have higher values now
listened to the wisdom of the fairies

You and me
and our boat by the sea
Sailed away to another place
to be free for you to be you and me to be me
Radical Honesty
free form neuroticity
high from all the beauty
And we kiss under the milkyway
Yes all the stars we can see
they have become guides
they have become legacy
they tell us our future
as well as our history
we use them to chart
our trajectory
backwards epiphany
lacklust struggles
enjoying the breeze

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