Wednesday, July 20, 2011

smooth, cherry, ice, like, lick, and slick.

smooth: skin touch raw vivid

cherry: lick suck tempt fuck

ice: play hard tease light

like: slick grinding rampant love

skin: yours mine touch deep yet empty in the raw void between vivid dreams

lick: here light there suck hard where it tempts the desire to fuck

play: with find place inside my skin inside my hard shell to tease my light

slick: wet movements griding parts rampant needs desires lacks love

touch: is raw pain is vivid and everything is clear

suck: me off tempt my cock to want to fuck

hard: cocks tease throbbing rubbing pounding turning off the light

grinding: rampant love into the night

raw: is a vivid hangover

tempt:but I still want to fuck

tease: I’ve been called not so light-ly. I just want a little bite you see

rampant: homosexual love

vivid: I am verbalization of the possibilities yet spoken

fuck: why is the world so complicated, why can’t we just fuck

light: has been turned on. I am no longer in the dark. So tempted I should not be.

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