Thursday, July 7, 2011

i sewed it shut

you want my cunt?
well, i sewed it shut.
all that is left is an agry inch.
but don’t worry,
i have a toolbox
full of ways to get you off

I’ve got a big cock
to fuck your holes with.
we can get down so hot.

but this rhyme forgot
that my hole is what’s got
you hot.

Not my whole
whole person
whole being
whole self

that pesky cunt
that never wants to be touched.
that has seen more horrors than
any cunt should have to.

You want that cunt.
you want my cunt.
that’s what gets you hot.
not my big fat cock.
my hard pulsing cock.

You can’t tell me why you want me?
You can only speak of fetishizing.
You can only objectify.

I speak a language of learning.
of exploration.
I speak of dreams and growth.

I chose you.
you did not choose me.
you chose a mask to hide behind.
i gave you my everything.

It might have been broken into a million pieces
but I gave it to you with an apology,
'I am fixing it as fast as I can.'
I asked for your patience and love.
you gave me oppression.
and tonight when you dream of me.
remember I said yes.
remember I gave you everything.
remember that i accepted you
just how you were.
you gave me nothing.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful and brave! keep posting links on ur fb when u make posts im interested in what you have to say <3 jem hologram