Friday, June 10, 2011

Spring is Coming!

who am I said the he that was not me.
when the day ends who still finds you important.

When the birds fly high, who flies with you.
The fields were barren. the plants withered.
Yet still so beautiful.

Like the end of winter.
Spring is coming.
you can see the field full of flowers.

But right now everything is dead.
do you see the dead that is in front of your eyes
or the life that could be.

what waking dreams of who I am suppose to be
do you bind me to.
what images, labels, projections must I fend off.

What is my cost?

my sense of self.
my individuality.
my freedom.

too high. much too high.

I am not poor.
I am very wealthy.

I have a huge spirit.
I have pride.
I have courage.


But why I should I give freely of these
and get nothing in return.
why should I allow myself
to be bought and sold for scraps.

you want champagne
on a beer budget.
your price is too low.

You won’t even attempt to up bid.
You say my value is too high.
I am asking too much.

But it is not my problem
if you don’t see
the value of the merchandise.

tomorrow it will rain.
and we will be
but separate. distant.

I don’t think you will call.
I don’t think I will hear from you again.
Two ships passing in the night.

Has the story already been written.
Again and again.
forever retold.

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Phoenix said...

Oh wow. I can relate to this a great deal right now.