Thursday, April 28, 2011

Conflict Resolution Assignment regarding emotions attached to Planned Parenthood and Funding Cuts
(haha and this is fox news which has relatively no creditability in my book.)

Analyzing the role emotion plays in the conflict to cut funding for Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood has always been a complex issue because of who it services and why. It proves to be a direct support system for many dis-empowered and marginalized folks. It is the polemic of Rape Culture which being the dominant paradigm causes a lot of emotions to be stirred. A lot of this class has been looking at who has the power in the situation and what cognitive disconnects are happening within that person.

Some the emotions that I first have to address are what happens within a person that allows them to rape another person. What within the dominant culture allows for us to live in a no-means-no paradigm that does address asking for consent but that their is always implied consent because she is a women, because all women are sluts and whores. Because men are so obviously superior. Tonight was take Back the Night and I saw more posts response from people who were survivors and were too triggered to go to the event. This paradigm shift is what is causing the emotions behind the anti-choice movement. The paradigm is becoming a yes-means-yes paradigm meaning, if she did NOT explicitly say yes to that act then it IS sexual violence.

The context of the right is supported by the premise of killing babies but is actually using this to hide behind the fear of loss of power due to a paradigm shift. The shift that Planned Parenthood supports is one where women have power and choice over their own bodies. They have freedom to choose what happens to it and when.

To take it a step further we should explore the racist roots of Planned Parenthood. In order to learn from history we must first remember it. Information about Planned Parenthood’s roots and the pro-life African American perspective can be found here:

Although I believe this perspective has been misguided by those in positional power to remove the feminist power that is symbolized by Planned Parenthood. Not that the history is not true but the desire of the dominant culture have now shifted and the mission of Planned Parenthood has also shifted. The new global war machine or the neo-colonization needs as many pawns as you can get. And although it is generally common knowledge about the racism of the US Army, Navy, ect. there is practically no actual documentation of the statistic on the diversity of the army. Especially when you look at the who dies and who is in positions of authority. I think the best deconstruction I’ve seen was Micheal Moore’s movie about violence in the US.

As for Planned Parenthood, my experience is that it is a very multicultural work place even in small towns like the one I grew up in. And not only in its mission but in the actual service you see this commitment to empowering women of color to make choices for themselves whether that is giving them support in raising a family or getting an abortion.

So I see this as a play on emotions. The right is playing on the emotions around the oppression of racism which is causing a cognitive dissonance between what Planned Parenthood actually is and what it once was. When during conflicts we don’t talk about emotion it leaves this context out of the equation allowing for the cognitive disconnect to continue.

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