Friday, April 1, 2011

and his head explodes

and then his head fucking exploded.
fuck this shit.
power and control

who are you?
says the caterpillar.

You are me.
says the cheshire cat

but I hate you, you/me.
you will become everything I am not.
you will become everything I do not want to see about myself.
then I have permission to hate you.

when you become the other.
then I may hate you.

my hate will have a smile and it will be called love.
but it is still hate.
it is still privilege.
it is still domination.

and I am you and you are me.
so I am hate.
I am anger.
I am power.

I am rhetoric.

and you, you are mine.
because you are me.
but I am me.
so you, you can be discarded.

I am suppositions.
I am statements in questions.
I am the language of the patriarchy.

Love has forgotten comfort.
It lives in the area when you push into
the uncomfortable.

Love is uncomfortable.
You have to push into it.

Love is the wrong answer.
hate is the correct one.
because only when humble can we find love.
When we preach love, we are not humble.
when we preach their is only me and I.

But I want to know about them, the others.
I don’t want your place of privilege...
I am tired of it being beaten over my head.
and I don’t care about what you have to tell me
about the others. You are not one of us. You are not other.
You are defining us.
losing words to your ego.

You take and I give, right?
that’s the way it is suppose to work?

could you tell me one more time what you did to earn your place in the world because you know I still really don’t get why who your parents were somehow make you better than me. I don’t care if they were white, upper class, heterosexual or any of the other social markers because that is what they called unearned privilege. If you don’t understand the term unearned privilege then don’t tell me you are a social justice advocate because I will call you a liar.

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