Saturday, March 26, 2011

Does it sound easy? Fuck You!

The title of this comes from a Sonic Youth Song that somehow inspired the piece of writing I have been working on. This is just the first part of it. The rest turns sort of into essay form and is not ready for the world but this as it stand s I feel pretty good about.

Does it sound easy? Fuck You!

My power has gotten to big for this shell.
My chest, my lungs, my heart
push against it as I gasp for air.
Pounding in my head,
in my whole body.
I shake. I sweat. I cry.

I scream.

I am silent.
And there is distance.
And there is blame.

I reach. I grasp for the love.
We all reach to not be alone.
We wonder if we are or not alone.

Sometimes there are people.
They are with us no?
But we are still alone.
Because this shell.

It itches.
It hurts.
I want it to be off.
But it 'protects me'.

Why is there pain?
Why does it hurt?
Why are their bullies
and aggressors?

God, goddess, whatever that is that is there, why oh why is there violence?
Why are we, human beings violent?
My church of science cannot explain.

(to be continued)

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