Sunday, February 13, 2011

Response to "why black people can still have animosity toward whites about the slavery issue, when nobody alive today had anything to do with it?"

Response to "why black people can still have animosity toward whites about the slavery issue, when nobody alive today had anything to do with it"?

because a lot of white people got rich from slavery and now there is still all this "institutional racism" ( i.e., “the collective failure of an organization to provide an appropriate and professional service to people because of their color, culture, or ethnic origin”.1 which creates a system of wage slavery where in we see correlations between discrimination in the education system, high numbers of un and under employment, and then rises in crime levels.

To put it another way how would you feel if I enslaved your family for generations and got really rich, now me and my rich family employ your family to do menial jobs like cleaning, cooking, etc. but you don't make enough money to pay your rent, buy food, you don't get any medical insurance, no paid sick days. You can't buy clothes for your kids. Maybe you are one of those kids who watched their mom not eat so her kids wouldn't starve. Let's also say I say derogatory remarks to you about your ethnicity and culture. And you as this half starving kid go to school and you get picked on, school is a war zone. You do poorly because of this. There is nothing out there for you to do. Sure you could be one of those one and a million who somehow surpass all this but just look at the comments on this page.

I'm not a black person but I don't hear black people talk about slavery, other than reference to how white people got rich off the labor of the slaves and the institutional governance system that was created from the slavery governance system. I DO hear talk about all the daily struggles just because of the hue of their skin. Which bring me to my point, this article IS about the daily struggles for everyone who is not white. It IS about the affects of systematic oppression. It is NOT about black people being pissed off about slavery.

And to the guy who thinks we should judge people as individuals not give special rights to groups....

but the reality we live in is that people do receive benefits for having pale skin. It doesn't matter so much what a person's heritage if they can look white and if they also ACT white. This is apparent in looking at the statistics. From many conversations with people of color I can say that it is an unsavory climate for people of color. You can tell by all the white supremacy comments like yours. This study proves that Portland is racist. It talks about the systematic oppression of cultural groups that are experiencing bias based on the color of their skin. Also referred to as institutional racism. They are talking about creating a plan to deal with these disparities, in other words, level the playing field. They are saying this cultural group is suffering from institutional racism, we know this because we scientifically analyzed the data. What can we do to not only address it but also what can we do to support this person through these extra hurdles. This could mean hiring someone to work at the state college to be a resource coordinator for that oppressed cultural group. Such as helping a student get translation (whether that be esl or asl) so that student can attend classes thus earning a diploma and be better able to provide for themselves.

But since capitalism is a pyramid scheme there is not a lot of interest in people getting out from the bottom because smart capitalists know that means that their lives, that are unnecessarily comfortable due to the systematic oppression of other 'individuals' and the easiest way to do this is through visual markers, such as skin tone, that can be used to distinguish the other. Think star belled sneeches by Dr. Suess. Thus white people create fallacies that say things like we shouldn't be giving groups special rights because acknowledging their cultural differences is racist or we should judge people individually without regard to advantages people might have due to the white supremacy our nation was build on.

You know the funniest part is I know no matter what I write here if I don't agree with you, you are going to get really pissed off but honestly I am writing this for anyone who might read this article then look at the comments and start to feel ill at the blatant unchecked racism and white supremacy prevalent throughout. And they will read this and a few other educated comments that are also based in reality and feel a bit better about humanity.

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