Friday, August 22, 2008

Taking it in the ass!

I have been too busy to post for a bit which is sad but it is happy that I am posting now. I started my full does of T and switched to taking it once every two weeks instead of every week which is a lot easier and since the T is a slow release it doesn't make much difference. I was taking the shot in the bum but I realized that poking scar tissue with a needle once a week sucks bad. I am guessing that there is not a lot of trannies out there with heavy scar tissue in that region of hip but if you are one don't take your shots in the ass. My doctor says to me, "it shouldn't really hurt." and I was freaking out because it hurt so bad that it was ruining my butchness.

About changes that have been happening:
*well, yes I am a lot more horny, that came with my first full shot. And something else (well, I call it my cock) has gotten a lot bigger and very sensitive. Sometimes it is painful. A boi from the trans group said that it happened to him and no one warned him. It was good to hear I thought maybe I had a bad yeast infection centering in on my clit.
*My voice is starting to change. People are starting to ask if I am sick.
*I am getting slightly more hairy.
*The WORST: I had the worst acne when I was younger. Removing dairy from my diet back then changed my life. Now I look like a pepperoni pizza, well not really but it feels like it.

My brain feels good, normal, mostly. I am starting to notice even more about how much people expect me to have feminine communicate probably because I think I should be free of that now. It makes me wonder if people who know me know will be able to think of me differently once I look different. One of my best friends said that he wouldn't think of me any different no matter what I did to myself. (I both appreciated and hated him questioning me and my decision.) Luckily, he has never expected my communication to be feminine (which is probably why he is one of my best friends.) I think now that I am on a full dose the changes will be happening more quickly and I will be posting more. :s)

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