Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I had my appointment last night to get my first prescription. On Wednesday I will learn how to give myself shots and get my first shot. I am nervous and feel sick with anticipation. My partner is now picking up the prescription. It costs $50 for a 5cc. For the first month I will only be taking shots of 50ml so it will last a bit. Next month, I will get my next prescription which will be 10cc and also cost $50 but it will last for 3 months.

My doctor spoke last night about all the changes I will go through. I know of a lot of them but not everything. One thing he said was that my sex drive might go down where as I had only heard of it going up. He also said that mostly people get less anxiety and depression but sometimes people encounter more. Also that I should assume I won't be able to have kids anymore. Oh and that in five years I might have vaginal dryness and have to put estrogen cream on. Scarey... Of course he went over the usual I will get hairier, probably build muscle mass and my voice will deepen. This will take usually around 3 to 6 months. Oh I thought was interesting that my red blood cell count will probably go up. Also redistribution of fat away from my butt and hips and onto my spare tire. I was looking at my body last night (I have NO butt or thighs and I already have a good spare tire.) and thought that I will have to do more sit-ups. Oh and my clit is suppose to grow. I think that is everything he told me.

We went to see the counselor last week and he told me a lot of things I didn't think about. About how I will become more angry and aggressive and how I might not be able to process my emotions as well. Since I have struggled with my anger problem and my inability to deal with my emotions I am hoping that I can continue to use the resources I have found to work on these problem as well as research new ones. He said the way i think will change. A lot of the things i identify with will become stronger like my analytical brain. I think this whole process makes me wonder how much testosterone I had in the first place. My body is about to bleed and I am so happy that I am starting now as I foresee it making it easier even though I will still bleed this month. It is really the estrogen increase that makes me crazy not more than the actual blood. Anyway more soon.


Anonymous said...

more sit ups!! lol, i always feel a little guilty about not doing enough sit ups. :)


Tina said...

Thank you so much for sharing your transition story. I have been trying to decide if transition is the right move for me. Hearing your story might help. Thank you!