Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My partner story of picking up T

Smitty asked me to pick up his first prescription of T for him, since I would have the car today. So I want to the counter and said, "I need to pick up this prescription." I handed the slip to the clerk. He looked at me, looked at my chest, then looked at my face again and said, "not for you...?" Me: "no, its for my partner." He asked about drug allergies etc. and said it would be ready in about 10 minutes. I wandered around the tiny pharmacy. After a while I sat on the steps and stared into space. The Pharmacist called out "____ Petersen...?" and looked at me as I got up and walked to the window. He said,(looking at my chest) " _____?..." Me: " No, that's my partner." Pharmacist: "OH, has she taken this before? Me: "No." Pharmacist: "well..." Me: "HE is going to the doctor tomorrow for the first injection." Pharmacist: "Oh, well does he need needles?" Me: "Yes." Pharmacist:" well I can give her some needles, and does she have a sharps container?" Me: "No." Pharmacist: "well I will get her one." Me: (getting icey) "OK." Pharmacist:"Well I am going to give her ten needles, there are about 12 doses in this bottle and the doctor should give her one needle at the first injection, and then here is her sharps container." Me: "OK." GRRR...

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